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Hi There! I am so glad you are here :-)

Welcome to Sabina's Escritoire! Ok, welcome to 'Sabina's writing desk'? Well... let me just come clean. Soooo I was looking for a nice fancy french sounding word which still means 'desk' and I decided on 'Escritoire'. I think it sounds quiet exotic and adds more flavor. I prefer that to 'desk' don't you? Well I am glad you agree so 'Escritoire' it is!

I trust that you would be INSPIRED, STIRRED and CHALLENGED with what is shared in my blog. Life is an interesting journey that tends to have lots of twists and turns. There are lots of moving pieces filled with lots of uncertainties. Different seasons in life present different challenges. However, I have found ONE that remains unchanging, constant, faithful, and always present no matter the situation - God! He has given us His son the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Precious Holy Spirit who remains with us at all times . All we are required to do is ask Jesus to forgive us our sins and invite him into our hearts to be our Lord and Savior. After you pray that prayer believe it. It's that simple so please don't over think it.

Next step is to invite the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you and open up the scriptures (His holy bible) to you. He will teach you about Jesus and God the Father. He is the ultimate Life Coach to guide us through all the changing scenes of life. He will never fail you and He gives us strength when we get weary.

The journey of Life requires a navigator who knows the end from the beginning. One who knows how to get you to your destination in the best possible time. Turn to the ultimate LIFE COACH today your destiny, eternal security and reason for living comes from Him. #SabinasEscritoire #sabinamanuscript

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