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Dr. Sabina Prempeh - Arbuah is an International Recording Artist, Author, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Singer, Songwriter and a Passionate Worshiper whose heart cry is for people to experience God in a deep intimate way through worship and praise.  She is also a Certified Professional Life Coach and the Executive Producer and Host of an inspirational series known as "The Dominion Series"" that is touching lives.

Her primary goal is teaching and communicating the essence of true worship and intimacy with God through song and in His Holy word.

"Atlanta-based artist has truly been given a wonderful gift by God - a  beautiful album"

- Joe Emert , President New Life FM (Life Radio Ministries)

"Sabina has a powerful ministry, very anointed with a commanding presence and a desire to make Jesus name known in all the earth"

- Babbie Mason, Multiple Dove Award  Winning Singer, Songwriter

Her latest album release 'He Reigns!' is a MUST HAVE for all music lovers.  It perfectly fuses a contemporary style of music into an explosive album of praise and worship and was recently featured by Dr. Bobby Jones on the Bobby Jones Gospel Presents TV show, the Babbie's House TV show with multiple Dove award winner Babbie Mason among others. It has also began gaining Radio airtime in the U.S, Australia and Scotland, UK   Sabina's passion to sing gospel music dates back many years prior.  She began singing publicly when she was 13 years old, where she was part of her high school church choir.  However, her journey and desire for music began many years prior.

In her words she states 'I used to rummage through my Dad's music records almost every evening after school (of course there were no CDs back then), and I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the different artists he loved.  My attention however, was captured by one particular record - Mahalia Jackson.  I listened to her and fell in love with her voice and the power that it carried.  I looked at various pictures on the record, as I usually would and a statement at the bottom  of one the pictures struck me.  Her record spoke about her collapsing in one of her gospel concerts while performing, but amazingly after her resuscitation all she talked about was how she had so many more people to touch.  


This stirred up a yearning in me as I wondered what would possibly drive such a passion and purpose in life -  I longed to sing and at 9 years old I talked to God about it...' 'From that moment on, a passion was birthed in me.  Everyday I stood in the bathroom with the door tightly shut, and with my eyes closed, I pictured myself standing before multitudes singing and would start singing with my croaky voice.  The Holy Spirit was my coach.  He would tell me when to try to hold a note, hold my breath or start singing a particular verse over again.  I practiced for years this way till I  gained enough confidence to join my church choir at 13 years...and you guessed it!... I made sure I was always in the shadows  singing choruses, till the Lord opened an opportunity, and one day I could hide no more.  I had to step forward...' My Passion Christian music today has taken many turns some of which no longer even references or focuses on God.  I believe Christian music should carry an anointing that causes lives to be impacted  and bring   lost souls to the saving power of Jesus Christ!  Let's bring the focus back on Jesus, He is our creator and God - the Only One deserving of our Worship and Praise!


My Prayer:

It is my heart's fervent desire to see the body of Christ experience a deeper level of Spirit-Led worship, and to see the heart of David (a heart of worship), arise in this hour in every nation on this earth.  It is time for us to manifest the works of God, and fill the earth with the Glory of heaven as the waters cover the sea!  For all creation waits in fervent expectation for the manifestations of the sons of God. Let the anointing  permeate through this music and bless all who listen.


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